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Frequently Asked Questions

- Are these flowers really made of wood?

Yes!! Each flower is handmade from sola wood which is harvested from the root of the tapioca plant. Sola wood is a light, flexible and soft wood. Tapioca root is a renewable resource and a natural material.


-Do you make the flowers?

All of the Sola wood flowers used in OUR designs are handmade; however, We do not handcraft the blooms. The flowers are purchased as raw, uncolored flowers from other businesses that specialize in creating the flowers. Our specialty is in painting, dying, and arranging the flowers to create wood flower designs that have all the wonder of traditional floral design without the wilt.


- What flowers are available as sola wood flowers?

We guarantee that We can create you a sola wood flower version of any flower you would like for your arrangements. If there is a particular flower that We cannot recreate as a sola wood flower, We will use high quality artificial flowers along with sola wood flowers to create extraordinary arrangements that last forever.


-Do you ship nationwide?

Yes! Grains and Stock wood flower arrangements can be safely shipped! Whether your event is in another state, you are in another state, or someone special to you is in another state, we know how to safely get beautiful wood flower arrangements there!


- Do you do arrangements for weddings?

Yes! We do everything- gifts, home decor, weddings, favors, corporate client gifts... the list goes on and on. Visit our weddings and events page to get information on pricing and request a quote.

If you have a question about our arrangements, Contact Us and we will be sure to be in touch as soon as possible!

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